WC. Handy Awards, Memphis, 1998 Just for fun, 'cause it's a great picture Buddy Guy's Legends
B.L.U.E.S on Halsted


Homesick Jame's Birthday Party, 1985

Jimmy & Lonnie Brooks, New Year's Eve, 2001 Buddy Guy's Legends
Another nice shot... Smoke Daddy's 1998 B.L.U.E.S  on Halsted
Pocono Blues Festival, 1999 Buddy Guy's Legeds Riverfront Blues Festival, Portland, 2001
Jimmy in action, take 1 Jimmy in action, take 2 Jimmy in action, take 3
Jimmy in action, take 4 Jimmy Burns and the Gas Company, 1968 Somewhere in France, 1997
California Clipper California Clipper, with Ron Lasken, and Greg Haar Jimmy with brother Eddie Burns
Kingston Mines Kingston Mines "Uncle Mickey" Barbeque King!
Jimmy Burns Band
Jimmy Burns Band at Buddy Guys Legends